Murray's Testimonials

“Murray was quickly able to absorb a vast quantity of product knowledge from multiple partial or outdated sources and compose an accurate and complete set of documentation. His work is of the highest quality, and was always within the time frame required. An asset to any organization, Murray's efforts are superb.”  - Dan Jean, Senior Business Analyst, Brainhunter

“Murray is an extremely intelligent and likeable person who did a fantastic job improving our complex documentation set. His journalistic background was a great asset because it enabled him to ask the probing and meaningful questions required when researching the required changes to the documents. Murray is a friendly, approachable, detailed-oriented and dedicated worker, and I enjoyed working with him tremendously. I would highly recommend Murray to any company looking for a responsible and professional team player who can hit the ground running. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization.” - Andrew Brooke, Technical Writer, InSystems 

“After working with Murray at i2 Technologies, I was glad to re-connect with him and have him provide services to our small company called Nulogx. Nulogx was a software development company but was not large enough to have its own Documentation department. Murray essentially became our outsourced Documentation department and was called upon every time we had an upcoming release. He did everything from gather requirements from Product Management, meet with Development staff to understand the upcoming functionalities, and then write both online help and user guides for two very complex products. He worked offsite and was extremely efficient, often working nights and weekends to meet our development schedule (even with a negative effect on his personal schedule!) Murray is excellent to work with and has a great knack for developing rapport with technical staff that enables him to get the job done effectively.” - Charmin Riding, Director R&D, NuLogX

“Murray is always very professional in manner and prompt in meeting deadlines. It was a pleasure having Murray on the team and he is very easy to work with.” - Rosalind Corey Clark, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, i2 Technologies

Murray has the ability to get information out of different project stakeholders with different backgrounds in a professional and courteous manner. His work is high quality and he produces it working as a very good self-starter. I would recommend Murray strongly for any company looking for a strong technical writer who can create great material.” - David Slonosky, Technical Lead, i2 Technologies