Sibernie's Testimonials

"Words Worth Writing is one of the 10 best writing agencies I have worked with in 20 years. They have the ability to grasp and articulate complicated subjects, issues and put a creative spin on projects that have the element of surprise. These qualities are fundamentally important to communicating and triggering a response in the consumer. I look forward to a long creative relationship with them."
- Alex J. Dobo, Manager of Marketing & Creative Services, The Corporation of the City of Brampton


Murray's Testimonials

“After working with Murray at i2 Technologies, I was glad to re-connect with him and have him provide services to our small company called Nulogx. Nulogx was a software development company but was not large enough to have its own Documentation department. Murray essentially became our outsourced Documentation department and was called upon every time we had an upcoming release. He did everything from gather requirements from Product Management, meet with Development staff to understand the upcoming functionalities, and then write both online help and user guides for two very complex products. He worked offsite and was extremely efficient, often working nights and weekends to meet our development schedule (even with a negative effect on his personal schedule!) Murray is excellent to work with and has a great knack for developing rapport with technical staff that enables him to get the job done effectively.” - Charmin Riding, Director R&D, NuLogX


Sibernie James

Creative. Experienced. Insightful.

Sibernie first listens to gain an understanding of your objectives and target market, then steeps herself in the subject. She clearly communicates your message to your reader, viewer, or listener in a manner that's familiar, yet fresh. A versatile, strategic-minded writer, Sibernie has a style which is creative, concise, and compelling.

Murray Bosch

Self-motivated. Team player. Professional.

A Senior Technical Writer with more than 17 years experience in the IT sector, a former Toronto Star reporter and community newspaper editor, Murray brings strong management, planning and organizational skills to any project. His excellent research and interviewing skills enable him to interpret and connect information and ideas, and communicate them clearly. Whether it's technical writing required for software or training manuals, Online Help files, or feature-style writing, consistent, high quality work is Murray's trademark.
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